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” target=”_blank”>1Clear the room! If that is not an option, move everything to the center of the room. Remove pictures and nails and anything that you do not want painted.
Water Damage Water damage and Mold clean -up 24- hour clean up 303-573-6666
2Use drywall spackle to fix bigger holes, or use painters putty to fill in nail holes. Nail holes are obvious after you paint so take the extra time and make the room look good by filling the holes.
3Wipe off the trim edges with a damp cloth to remove any dust so that the tape has a good surface to adhere to. Go around the room and wipe any baseboards, door trim, window trim and crown molding on the edge that butts up to the wall surface.
4Use painters blue tape to mask off all trim. Using regular masking tape can cause the trim paint to pull up and you may be stuck repainting trim. Use the 1” tape. The secret here is to tape slowly and carefully, leaving a small gap between the edge of the tape and the wall surface to be painted. A 1/16” to 1/8” gap will suffice. Remember that the walls will be painted to this point so the finished product will only be as good as the prep you put into it. If the tape is not straight, then the final result will be a curvy paint line.
5Using the 2” tape, mask the ceiling along the walls. This gives you forgiveness if you accidentally roll the roller onto the ceiling. It also allows you to make a true straight line at the joint between wall and ceiling instead of trying to feather a straight line with the edge of a brush. Use the same gap as listed in step 4. Click here to see more info——–>.   http://” target=”_blank”>” target=”_blank”>