House Painters Denver

The most important step in painting takes place before the paint ever comes out of the can. How you prepare the surface to be painted will pretty much determine if you will be happy with the result.

Tips for Preparing to Paint Your Home

Make sure the surface is free of any peeling paint, dirt, rust, etc… Use a paint scraper, putty knife, sandpaper, etc… to make sure the area is as smooth as possible.
Fill in any small nicks or holes with a mud or putty, whatever is appropriate for the surface, and sand afterwards to make sure the area blends in well.
Clean the area with a sponge and a mild detergent. If you are doing exterior painting consider using a high pressure washer or a garden hose with an adjustable nozzle.
Move any furniture (or if outside trim back bushes, etc…) so that you have easy access to the surface you are going to paint.
The more time you take for these “mundane” preperations the better your painting will look and the longer it will last. If you would like to find a professional for your project you can get up to three prescreened local contractor estimates by filling out our short painting project form and best of all the service is free.