Interior Painters

Interior Painters

Health and Safety: This section explains some common ladder,roof ladder,and staging safety practices,as well as describing techniques that will help you prevent,minimize,and protect you from some of the environmental work hazards that may accompany a paint job. We also include a link to the EPA’s Lead Page

Choosing The Right Paint: Explains different advantages and drawbacks of latexand oil base paints,but also gives details of primers and sealers that are commonly used by house painters,and often necessary to achieve satisfactory results. See: Interior Paint,Exterior Paint

Painting Procedures: Includes interior and exterior sections,which both include house painting tips,techniques,preparation methods and dozens of step by step of illustrations. And if you’re building or remodeling you will also find some new construction tips to follow that can help to ensure a long lasting paint job.

Painting Equipment: From staging equipment… to “paint can openers”. Use our list to help make yourself a checklist of items to have on hand before you start the job.

Pleases be careful. We urge you to read our “Health” and “Safety” sections before taking on a house painting project. And also from there,follow our link to the EPA’s Lead page. We can not be responsible for any consequences due to any mishap that may occur. Click the link to read the Legal Disclaimer.