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As of now it’s mid-August and the temperature is about 90°. It won’t be long though before winter comes and there will be a drastic drop in the temperature. Fall is a great time to do exterior painting because of the nice warm Indian summers we have here in Colorado. This is actually is my favorite time of year especially as a “painter in Castle rock Colorado” it’s absolutely beautiful because of the warm weather and watching all the leaves change colors. Here are some tips that I hope will help you. When doing exterior painting “painting contractors Colorado”has always learned that when the temperature starts to drop during the fall months you always want to bring extra layers of clothes as the sun starts to set and your finishing up some of the odds and ends before you shut down for the day. We are also located as “Painting contractors in aurora colorado” 2123 s Ensenada st. Aurora co. 80013

It always helps if you buy a lightweight pair of gloves to insulate your hands a little bit while you’re doing a lot of brushwork. A nearby Starbucks or 7-Eleven would help also with a hot cup of hot chocolate or coffee. Lol.

another important thing to remember is always reading the labels on the back of the paint can where the manufacture specs are located to see the recommendations of how low the temperature can be when doing exterior painting, if ignored it may cause paint failure and you will be held liable for this and it could be a costly mistake to your pockets. Sherwin-Williams offers a low temp 35 in all their exterior paints. this would be to your advantage as long as it remains 35° consistently for at least 2 to 4 hours.

When spraying outside you always want to make sure that the wind is calm because paint can be carried away by the wind onto patio furniture, cars, or somebody else’s house. If this happens it will cause you to have an insurance claim and make your premiums go up so make sure that the wind is not blowing hard the day you are ready to spray. Some of the information I’ve read from other websites like the paint can really help to enhance your knowledge about spraying your exterior home during the winter months.

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