Painters in Parker Colorado

27 years of being a “painter in parker” knows It’s always Good to put samples on first in order to make sure it’s the color your going to want to live with for quite a few years, you first want to Purchase several quarts of paint first. Paint a section of wall and trim using one of the several colors to pick from. Make sure you do this during the day so that the natural light can give you the full effect of the paint colors, and how they complement each other. its good to Know the square footage of the area you are painting before you head to your local Sherwin-Williams paint store. We recommend one gallon for every 400 square feet. Covering textured, rough or unprimed surfaces may require more.
Do not apply latex paint to a oil -based finish or vice versa without first scuffing the walls and wiping away the dust particles with a tack cloth so that The paint will adhere to the Paintable areas. To tell whether your current wall color is water Based paint or oil base paint, take a cloth and moisten it with Rubbing alcohol and if Any colorants of whatever color your wall is rubs off on the clock then it is a water-based paint but if nothing happens at all then it is an oil-based product.

Never underestimate how long it will take for you to get the job done. Allow at least a full day of dry time before bringing everything back into the room. Flat paints are always good to use on ceiling areas, Eggshell or satin paints are good for walls and semi gloss paints are good for kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Preparation work is always important;
It’s always good to use it TSP cleaning agent, to clean dirty walls and when finished rinse once and dry for 24 hours in order for paint to adhere properly.