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Painting contractors Denver
Painting contractors Denver

Painting Contractors Denver


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Here at “Painting Contractors Denver” We like to give tips to safely paint a two-story room:
and to always Place a pair of ladder mitts over the top of the ladder to protect the walls from being scraped up and keep the ladder from slipping on the wall.
A 24-foot extension ladder is ideal for a two-story interior painting task and can reach most second stories and is graded to hold up to 280 pounds or less, so it’s really sturdy and strong. This is an excellent choice for foyers, great rooms and family rooms where higher ceilings are really popular.

Painting Contractors Denver

Always make sure too move a ladder properly and safely, when doing interior painting and bring down the top half first by pulling the ladder away from the wall very carefully without getting injured. Lift to unhook it
and lower it and lock it. Then, using your body for leverage, lift the entire ladder straight up so it’s parallel with the walls. As “Painting Contractors Denver” you want to lift and move it, keep an eye out for any overhead obstacles like fans and lights, can be costly if you break one. Put the ladder’s feet into position, and then raise the top half back up and lower it gently against the wall without scraping it or without it being freshly painted.

Always make sure For a carpeted surface, lay tarps under the ladder before moving it. If working on hardwood floors, make sure the ladder feet are resting on the solid surface, especially avoid plastic being under the feet of the ladder or it will slide and can cause serious injury. It’s also a good idea to have someone spot you when you start climbing the ladder. If you’re looking for great painting contractors in Denver give us a call or you can email us at

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