Painting Contractors Parker Colorado

Being a “painting contractor in Parker Colorado” since 1987 has been a awesome experience. I have seen this city grow tremendously! We have painted many homes and have the great privilege of meeting many great people as “painting contractors in Parker Colorado”. Back then we used to use Kwall Howells and Sherwin Williams Paints and the paint prices were pretty fair but as of 8-17-12 their prices are outrageous, especially Sherwin Williams. a gallon of their best paint back then was called SuperPaint and it ran about $17 a gallon. even now SuperPaint is priced about $38 a gallon and their best paint called duration is right around $52 a gallon. that is quite a price hike from 20 years ago. the most competitive paint that we found is Behr paint, mainly they’re all in one primer for exterior painting or interior painting. it compares to Sherwin-Williams best paint duration but is $20 cheaper a gallon. the duration of it is unknowing so far since we just started using it but their claims of longevity is just as long as Sherwin Williams if not longer.