Affordable Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Cabinet Refinishing in Denver CO. We have been offering kitchen cabinet painting, pin-striping and glazing in the Denver, area since 1985. We have worked in hundreds of Colorado, homes painting kitchen cabinets, and cabinet refinishing, including many in Denver. We help bring your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities back into style and make older built-in… Continue reading Affordable Cabinet Refinishing Denver

Exterior Painting in Colorado

When getting you’re exterior painting task out the way this year, here at painting contractors Colorado we know what it takes to get the job done right. First to start off by pressure washing the house down really good before applying any exterior paint. Next you want to give the house about 24 hours to… Continue reading Exterior Painting in Colorado

Colorado Painters

” target=”_blank”>1Clear the room! If that is not an option, move everything to the center of the room. Remove pictures and nails and anything that you do not want painted. Water Damage Water damage and Mold clean -up 24- hour clean up 303-573-6666 2Use drywall spackle to fix bigger holes, or use painters putty… Continue reading Colorado Painters

Residential Painters – Aurora Co.

It sounds like a simple enough task, at first – painting the house. Of course, then you get to the hardware store and discover that there isn’t just one can labeled “house paint,” but rather a plethora of cans, sporting titles that claim they are latex or alkyd, and more color names than one of… Continue reading Residential Painters – Aurora Co.

Commercial Painters Colorado

Commerical painters in colorado or the denver metro area. Most popular texture now days is the knock down texture look. Its a simple process. preparation consist of makin sure all areas are covered which includes tape, paper, plastic, and dropcloths. you always want to make sure though that’s all your prefinished taping and mudding is… Continue reading Commercial Painters Colorado

House Painters

Here’s How: Begin with colors suggested by your roof and masonry. Consider the color schemes used inside your home. Exterior colors should harmonize with the interior. Don’t clash with your neighbors! Choose colors that coordinate with the buildings around you. Large surfaces make paint look lighter. Consider selecting darker shades. Remember that very bright or… Continue reading House Painters

Painting Contractor Colorado

Exterior paint has gone up in price almost twice as much since 1995, however the R&D (research and development) has followed, making most exterior paints lasting much longer as well. Knowing the expense of high quality 100% Acrylic paints now available, coupled with other various materials, time and labor, most who have an exterior painting… Continue reading Painting Contractor Colorado

The Benefits Of Custom Caulking

Two Basic Types of Caulk There are two basic types of caulks in use today: water based and non-water based. Each type has distinct advantages and disadvantages. Within each grouping, as you might imagine, there are various sub-groupings. One thing the two basic types do have in common, however, is the fact that chemically speaking,… Continue reading The Benefits Of Custom Caulking