Painting Contractors Colorado

“Painting contractors Colorado”, February specials, we have “painting”specials going on for this month of February. In the winter painting slows down for “painting contractors Colorado”, if you’re a homeowner the best time to get your interior painting work done would be in the winter. We have a 20% discount going on for the remainder of… Continue reading Painting Contractors Colorado

Exterior Painters Doing It Right

We at “painting contractors Colorado” are excited for the arrival of spring! Denver Colorado is the place to be while being a house painter in Colorado because of the mountain scenery but Always remember to protect your home at all times, meaning if any bare wood is exposed it should be primed immediately to stop… Continue reading Exterior Painters Doing It Right

Painting Contractors Colorado Specials

Painting contractors colorado We have painting specials going on for this month from “painting contractors Colorado”. We have a $200 off of any interior or exterior promotion running this month! We always push hard on our specials during cold season here at “painting contractors Colorado” to keep our “painters” busy. Always try every month to… Continue reading Painting Contractors Colorado Specials

Quality Painters

Painters Colorado, Being a “Painting Contractor in Colorado” means you have to keep up with the best paints out there in order to stay as one of the top notch “painting companies” Colorado is a high altitude state and leave our homes more susceptible to ultraviolet rays. By using the best paints out there means… Continue reading Quality Painters

House Painter Colorado

House Painter Colorado I have been a “house painter In colorado” for over 25 years. Over the years as a “house painter in colorado” I’ve learned a lot in the time I’ve been swinging a brush. Using the right paints can make you or break you as a “painting contractor in Colorado”. I seen guys… Continue reading House Painter Colorado

Being A Painting Contractor In Colorado

We have one of the most beautiful states here in the USA! Being a “painting contractor Colorado” is a great privilege. Summers are the best, with the mountains and green trees I’d rather be no other place then painting a exterior. The trick to painting in the summer is always starting on the shady side.… Continue reading Being A Painting Contractor In Colorado

Straight Custom Caulk Lines

It’s a lot easier than you think, Making straight custom caulking lines can be fun! Before I became a professional “painting contractor”, I remember painting our house and our grandmothers house And thought I was a journeyman “painter”. Lol! As I got older though And was looking for summertime work during my high school years,… Continue reading Straight Custom Caulk Lines

House Painting Preparations

Always make sure to keep bare wood on the exterior of your home during the winter months. As a “painting contractor” the Colorado elements during winter months can be quite harsh on unprotected wood or bare wood. Not all days are 32° and below so on a day that is 50° and above during the… Continue reading House Painting Preparations

Painting in Colorado

I would not rather be in any other place then. Colorado when it comes to painting. Being a painter in Denver Colorado, the scenery is awesome and it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter. I love being one of the many painting contractors in Denver, ever since I was 18 when I first started,… Continue reading Painting in Colorado

House Painters

Good exterior paint, when it’s properly applacated  over a well-prepped out surface — lasts longer than doingnit the cheap way. But trying to do things the proper way can take quite a long time. Trying to decide which paint is the best, oil-vs.-water-based  can leave  homeowners with a huge time consuming task and they haven’t… Continue reading House Painters