The importance of exterior painting and preparation

Painting contractors Colorado, Preparing Your House for Painting

To prepare a perfect outdoor area, preparation is the golden key. painting contractors Colorado, always Starts your exterior paint prep by removing as many fixtures as you possibly can (like planters, mailboxes, shutters, house numbers, hoses, outdoor furniture, and light fixtures), and concentrate on these steps:

Using Drop Cloths

Here at painting contractors Colorado, we always protect the areas your about to paint by using canvas drop cloths.

Scuff all areas to Be Painted as needed.

Painting contractors Colorado, Always takes the time to check all surfaces you plan to paint by pounding in any nail heads that are exposed, prime all areas as needed.

Spackling and Caulking

Exterior paint preparation is always a number one priority to painting contractors Colorado & we always include using spackle and caulking to fill any holes or indentations, cracks, or imperfections on the surfaces to be painted. Where necessary, cut out existing or scrape away old caulking and apply new caulk and prime.

If there’s any existing Bare wood painting contractors Colorado, makes sure to apply primer before you’re caulking.

Areas that have a lot of shine, we here at painting contractors Colorado, make sure and sand lightly so that paint will adhere better.

Problem Areas Will Need To Be Primed.

Painting contractors Colorado, knows that when wall surface areas have been exposed to the elements and are starting to fail, peeled, or blistered, we always applicate primer and allow it to dry.

Make sure you clean Gutters, Downspouts and Eaves.

Painting contractors Colorado, has the experience and knows When you are preparing a house for painting, make sure you clean and have primed your gutters and downspouts before you start painting. They mainly come with a factory baked on finish, new gutters and downspouts should remain in great condition for many years.

For existing painted gutters and downspouts, painting contractors Colorado, want you to makes sure you remove any peeling paint or corroded areas with a scraper or wire brush. Sand the rough areas to make your paint job look fantastic.

New, galvanized gutters and downspouts are coated with a fabricating oil that must be removed before painting. Painting contractors Colorado, knows The best product to use would be vinegar or a oil and grease remover solvent.

Preparation for Masonry and Stucco Areas.

We are very experienced in these areas here at painting contractors Colorado, Some of your brick or masonry surface is streaked with a white powder, you can remove it with a wire brush and scraper. Take care to find and eliminate the cause of any mildew before painting.

For newly constructed block and stucco surfaces, make sure you allow a month or two before you apply a primer or topcoat. Painting contractors Colorado, always takes the time to get the job done right to hear more about this click on this link below