A Painting Contractor

A Painting Contractor

A Painting Contractor

Take Care of Yourself

It is very wise to keep your health and safety in mind when starting any painting project and may even consider hiring a Painting Contractor. The latexor water born products are much preferred,as generally they don’t tend to give of the harsh fumes that the oil products do. However that is not to say that there is no need for concern. Being stuck in a room all day painting without ventilation is not a good idea. Being able to open windows & leave the room for occasional breaks is helpful. Consider the degree of exposure & the time of exposure. You may want to consult with a Painting Contractor. If you paint 1 door casing in a large room in a big house,with widows open,the intensity of the fumes in the air should be minor. But if you paint all walls & the ceilings in a room having windows & doors closed this is probably not a healthy situation.

Unless you live in a warm climate and your painting during the winter months you’ll find it more difficult to ventilate,so consider a Painting Contractor to get the job done. Other people at home like the kids that you may not want to expose to the vapors. Also will you or any one else be spending the night? If so can you leave the house for a couple of hours after you have finished painting? This will give the vapors some time to diminish. If a Painting Contractor is hired they would instruct you in this situstion but No one should spend the night in a bedroom of the same day the room was painted. You probably should not spend the evening in your living room of the day that it was painted either,especially if the windows have not opened during the day. Animals can be very sensitive to paint so keep all pets out of the work area.

Certain Latex Products: Some semi gloss latexpaints & latexprimer sealers contain an ammonia like substance that you will undoubtedly recognize the odor within a few minutes of painting. A Painting Contractor would Properly Seal of rooms while doing this. Fumes from these ammonia-containing paints may more irritable than from the non-ammonia containing paints latexpaints,yet not usually as hazardous as the oil based. Depending on your particular exposure situation,using these ammonia-containing products may or may not be a concern.

Mildew-Inhibitors For mildew prone areas latexbathroom paint may be the best choice. A Painting Contractor Would be very knowledgeable in this field.

Mildew inhibitive additives are available,but can be a hazard to use. Exterior paints are not usually recommended for interior use. The bathroom type paint contains a more appropriate mildew inhibitors for interior use and dose not require that you handle small containers of very toxic chemical additives.

To be on the safe side do not use any mildew inhibitive paints inside where it is not necessary. Stick with the latexbathroom paint. Use a bit more caution while working with mildew inhibitive paint,most mildew-chides are considered toxic.

It is not recommended to use exterior paint products on the inside of your home,as they may contain mildewcides that are not designated for interior use. If not its always an option to hire a Painting Contractor.

Good: today most major paint manufacturers are considering health issues as a top priority. Some paints are even designed for the purpose of virtually non-hazardous to use in most cases. These are the low VOC,usually latexor water borne paints.

Respirators are available at most hardware & paint stores,if you do decide to use a respirator make sure it is designed for painters or a Painting Contractor, Also check to see that it is rated for the type of paint you will use. Disposable respirators are a cheaper alternative to industrial rated cartridge type respirators. Disposable dust mask although great for many jobs will not provide much if any filtration from paint fumes.

Rubber gloves and goggles are often recommended also

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