As a painting contractor in Highlands Ranch Colorado

Being a “painting contractor in highlands ranch colorado” it’s important to always have all your painting equipment together before you start a new exterior painting job. You want to make sure you have putty knives, drop cloth, paper and plastic all before you start the job. It’s good to always remember as well to buy your primer before the starting of the job there is always peeling paint that occurs 90 percent of the time. You always want to make sure that you purchased plenty of painter’s masking tape and also make sure that your paint brushes and rollers are clean and ready to go. Also don’t forget to have all your roller pole extensions as well as your spray pole extensions. Spray poles are a great deal of help when you are spraying exterior walls, they help you to reach high areas without climbing up and down ladders constantly throughout the day which in return save you a lot of energy, especially when it’s 90 degrees outside at times. Always make sure that your paint is strained in order to keep your materials clean as they go through your spray gun without clogging it. If you happen to get clogs in your spray gun it’s always good to get a reverse tip so that you can turn the tip and spray out whatever is clogging it. You always want to buy a couple of extra empty 5 gallon buckets, they come in very handy when it comes time to switching into different colors as your spraying your exterior walls. Preparation is the most important part of your painting worth if you have great preparation you will have 1,000,000 dollar paint job but if you have fast and cheap prep for not only are you headed for paint tell your but your job won’t look very impressive. It’s always important to protect your eyes and your lungs by wearing safety glasses and a respirator when you are spraying. Wearing a respirator can save you from long term effects like asthma are any kind of breathing problem as you get older in age. Highlands Ranch Colorado it’s such a beautiful area and I really enjoy doing exterior work here but back to the subject, When you are rolling exterior trim depending on the texture of the trim it’s always good to use a 4 inch roller with a 1 inch roller nap, use in a bigger nap eliminates the time it takes from you constantly dipping in order to keep paint on your roller. When cutting in you always want to get small hooks that can screw into your paint brush so that you can rested on the lips of your 5 gallon bucket as doing so instead of let it sit on the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket of paint. When loading the brush, dip half the length of its bristles into the paint. Tap both sides of your brush against the side of the pot to remove excess paint. If you’re looking for a great painting contractor in Highlands Ranch Colorado, give us a call here at painting contractors Colorado. To read more on this click on this link