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Painting Contractors Denver

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As Painting Contractors Denver, 303-573-6666 giving you quality you can trust affordable prices. You always want to make sure to Fill any holes or imperfections with spackle, wait for it to dry, and then lightly sand the patches. If you have a crack, you must first widen it slightly before spackling or the spackle will just sit on top which in return will affect the quality of your interior painting work.

Always Scape away any peeling, cracked paint, then sand the area smooth.
Make sure to clean walls that may have to break which in return can affect the adherence of any finish paint your applying to kitchen or bathroom walls. Always use a damp cloth to clean door casings and doors before applying paint.

Painting Contractors Denver , knows that you always want to use paintable caulk to fill any gaps between the walls and trim before painting the trim. Fill any dings and divits in the wood with wood putty, wait for it to dry, then sand smooth.
When in doubt, prime. Its always good to use a primer to hide our colors or hidden stain that you can see that will come out later in your painting work which could cost you a good reference because it will affect your warranty.
Always Stir your paint before you begin, and don’t paint straight from the can because you’ll end up with trips in a mess everywhere . Obviously you would pour the paint into a roller tray or a empty one gallon bucket, if you were about to use a roller.

If you want to use tape, buy painter’s tape (it’s usually blue or green, and marked as such). Apply it in short, overlapping strips, and press down firmly along the edge to ensure a crisp line. Its always the best to spend a little bit extra when it comes to blue or green tape because it will affect your job and help you land the next. Looking for great interior Painting Contractors Denver, give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible thank thank you.

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