Specializing in Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Glazing Residential and Commercial Cabinet Painting in Colorado and Also Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Littleton, Aurora co., Denver co. Arvada CO, Broomfield CO, Wheat Ridge Co, Golden CO, Boulder CO, Northglenn Co, Thornton CO,
Specializing in Kitchen Cabinet Painting and Cabinet Glazing Residential and Commercial Cabinet Painting in Colorado and Also Parker, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Littleton, Aurora co., Denver co. Arvada CO, Broomfield CO, Wheat Ridge Co, Golden CO, Boulder CO, Northglenn Co, Thornton CO,

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Painting Contractors Denver, painters denver

Painting Contractors Denver

Commercial and Residential Painting Contractors in Denver Colorado, (303)573-6666

Painting Contractors Denver 303-573-6666 has set the standard for commercial and residential painting in Colorado for 30 years. We pride ourselves on not only being cost- and time-efficient, but also on delivering a final product that makes your business or home the gem of your Denver neighborhood. Our professionals guide you through every step, from estimate, to the project, to final touch-up, and are not done until you are completely satisfied through the final walk through.

Painting Contractors Denver , is a full-service interior and exterior painting, commercial and residential painting company in the Denver Metro area. We believe in helping others fully realize the pride and joy of home ownership, and treating our customers like family.

Painting Contractors Denver

Painting Contractors Denver knows When choosing a Denver painting contractor, whether exterior or interior, commercial or residential, it is important to know that cost is not the only factor a homeowner or business owners should consider. It is a good idea to ask for estimates from several contractors before hiring, but how do you know which contractor is right for you?

All paint jobs are not the same. You want to make sure that the painting contractor you hire is offering you the quality you are expecting before deciding to just go with the cheapest bid. A lot of times, the cheapest bid means that the contractor is cutting corners somewhere – usually with the amount of surface preparation. Painting Contractors Denver wants you to know to Be sure to understand exactly what the Denver painting contractor is including, so you don’t get any nasty surprises or paint failure. Details to pay attention to include:

How many coats of paint
What level of surface preparation
Application method – brush and roll vs. spray
In addition to quality and price, it is important to review the painting contractor’s reputation. Look through their website or ask if they have any references, or places you can go to see some of their previous work. A painting contractor who does good work they are proud of will readily have information available to you. Make sure that you feel comfortable developing a working relationship with the painting contractor.

At Painting Contractors Denver , we pride ourselves on our reputation. We are also some of the best painting contractors in the Denver Metro area. This means that we uphold our work to impeccable standards. We enjoy having a working relationship with our customers, and have confidence that our customers can look to us as professionals in our field when it comes to interior and exterior painting services for commercial and residential painting.

Painting Contractors Denver

Painting Contractors Denver treats your business home like it was our own, by finding the right color that represents you and your space and surrounding fixtures. We never cut corners in delivering unparalleled quality – YOUR business or home is our showcase when it comes to quality work.

What makes Painting Contractors Denver different? We always do what we say we are going to do. Painting Contractors Denver is proud of the Top reason why customers choose Painting Contractors Denver.

Due to the explosive growth of Central Denver Colorado, new homes were built at. at and furious pace. Hundreds and hundreds of new homes were built throughout Colorado monthly between 1988 and 2006.

Painters Denver

Think about the builder for a minute. Time is money. They needed to get those homes finished and sold as quickly as possible. Most times, this led to cutting corners and inferior techniques in order to get the job done. As far as water intrusion goes, the problem starts right after the stucco has been applied to the house.

When the stucco is applied to the exterior of the home, it can have a PH balance of over 80, which is about 10 times the number it should be before paint is applied to the home.

The rule of thumb is to wait 28 to 30 days before applying ANY paint to the house. The purpose of waiting that period of time is to allow the acidity and PH balance to drop to an acceptable level of around 6 to 8. Applying paint too soon changes the properties of the paint as it dries. This causes the paint to crack or peel over a period of time. Some of those cracks are so fine they are difficult to see and this is a practice that Painting Contractors Denver won’t ever do.

The high PH number actually burns the paint and appears as blotchy areas to the trained eye. Typically, builders did not wait long enough before letting the paint contractors apply paint to the exterior of the home. And, when they did, the sub-contractors typically used inferior paint products and to cut down cost, add water and disrupt the integrity of the paint. It is when the paint starts to crack that rain and moisture begin to penetrate into the stucco. Of course, over time the moisture makes its way into the walls of your home and that’s when it gets bad.

This statement might not apply to all builders, but let’s face it; in most cases, their painting sub-contractor had the lowest bid. What do you think that means? Could they have used the cheapest paint they could get away with? You decide, here at Painting Contractors Denver we use the best interior and exterior paints Sherwin Williams has to offer.

In summary, there are a number of reasons why exterior residential paint doesn’t perform well and doesn’t prevent water intrusion in Central Denver and surrounding city’s. Cheap, thin and unbalanced stucco is one of the primary reasons. For example, applying stucco on lathing that is less than one inch thick or using an incorrect proportion of sand and cement is a recipe for water intrusion. We also talked about not giving the stucco enough time for its PH balance to reduce to the 6-8 level and on top of using cheap “Painting Contractors in Denver”.

Using inferior paint is another cause for water intrusion. When you think about the elements beating down on your home day and night and I’m taking about Denver Colorado cold winter months, you can see why a good quality paint, with high elastomeric qualities, should be used to protect your home and why we use premium paints that Sherwin Williams has to offer.

Another huge contributor to water intrusion is incomplete caulking. Most professional house painters DO NOT use quality caulk. Commercial painters often neglect caulking key areas such as windows and above and below trims.

If you’re looking for a professional residential and commercial painter that knows what it takes to protect the beauty and color of your home or commercial property, particularly in Denver Colorado, and throughout the entire state of Colorado, I urge you to consider Painting Contractors Denver before making a decision. We got the best guarantees in the residential painting business – backed by unsurpassed customer service and attention to detail and to top it off, we use the best paint Sherwin Williams has to offer.

Call us at 303-573-6666 for a free – no obligation estimate. It won’t cost you a thing to have Painting Contractors Denver come out and give you a detailed estimate. If you’d rather I call you, please complete our contact form. To learn more about us here at Painting Contractors Denver .

Painters Denver

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of estimates, you can rest assured, Painting Contractors Denver bid will include a detailed description of the processes and Sherwin Williams paint materials that are going to be used to paint your Denver Colorado residential home or Denver Colorado commercial property. No surprises and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Painting Contractors Denver is a locally owned and family operated business. We have 30 years combined professional painting experience and only use the highest quality of paint products.

We are licensed, bonded, insured and EPA lead certified. Because of our high standards, all of our work is guaranteed and we give you quality you can trust at affordable prices!

Painting Contractors Denver

Painting Contractors Denver offers the best personalized attention for all of your home painting and commercial projects. Every estimate includes an evaluation of your home’s surface condition with recommended carpentry notes and recommended number of paint coats and the brand of paint being used.

Our Painting Contractors in Denver professionals will advise and assist you with your painting project, color matching, and color approvals every step of the way.

Visit Sherwin Williams Visualizer to help you plan and choose your color scheme.

Interior Painting Denver

Charleston Painting Contractors Denver interior project services include: drywall repair, wall paper removal, and textured ceiling removal.

Exterior Painting

Painting Contractors Denver exterior project services include: pressure washing, outstanding surface preparation, deck refinishing, carpentry repair, and historic paint restoration.

Professional House Painting Contractors in Denver and all of the surrounding Areas
Looking for a Professional?
Relax. Leave the painting to us here at Painting Contractors Denver !

With over 30 years of experience, the Legacy Painting Contractors Denver family can offer you a quality interior and exterior painting service with long lasting results…satisfaction guaranteed!

For over 30 years now Painting Contractors Denver has painted over 4,000 residential homes and tenant improvement projects here in the Denver Metro area and all of Colorado. Our professional painting business first began many years ago and now is a trustworthy, dependable and experienced “Painting Contractors in Denver”.

Our prices are always competitive! We do this by organizing each job for maximum efficiency. Every employee has been personally trained to perform his job in the correct order and to apply the best painting technique for each individual painting need. By applying this painting method along with the best tools and products for each job, we save time, and that saves YOU money in the long run especially wit Denver Colorado harsh elements!

In the painting business, efficiency counts and so does using the right paint and that’s why we use Sherwin Williams top of the line paint for interior and exterior painting including residential and commercial painting! We carry a large supply of tarps, plastic sheeting, taping machines and other materials that will be required for all your interior and exterior house painting or tenant improvement projects including commercial and residential painting services in the Denver Metro area. This insures that the slightest amount of paint over-spray does not drift on top of driveways, walkways, patios, or landscaping and that all areas are left neat and clean upon completion and that’s a guarantee.

Preparation & Quality Products

Thorough surface preparation, correct and experienced paint application, and top quality products like Sherwin Williams paints, help to insure a long lasting job. By consistently applying these top of the line finish paints and primers, these components we continue to improve our professional painting services to all of our customers interior and exterior house painting or tenant improvement painting needs and residential and commercial painting services in the Denver Metro area.

Painting Contractors Denver is the painting contractor team for you. Every job is guaranteed in writing, and more importantly, we will be there to back it up in the years to come. Our list of satisfied customers is our most important asset! Contact us today for a free painting estimate for all of your professional painting needs here at Painting Contractors Denver and we will get back to you immediately.

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Painting Contractors Denver, painters denver