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Most popular texture now days is the knock down texture look. Its a simple process. preparation consist of makin sure all areas are covered which includes tape, paper, plastic, and dropcloths. you always want to make sure though that’s all your prefinished taping and mudding is completely flush and you want to get rid of all ridges before texturing. after this process is completed you are now ready for texturing. next step would be to rent you a Greco texturing machine which is 1 of the best that I’ve used next to theĀ  commercial machine used by commercial texturing companys. next step would be to get a drill with a mixing paddle, two empty 5gallon buckets, one filled up half way with water and the other to put your drywall mud into. I perfer the light weight joint compound. Its important when mixing your mudd to mix it just right so that it aint to this which would make your batch to soupie. After mixing you pour the mixed batch of texture mudd into the Greco texturing machine. Then turn machine on and use perferred tip and start to texture. You might want to set up a piece of cardboard to do a few test paterns so you know how fast you should move in a spray pattern. Now your ready to start texturing. After u applied the texture you want to wait for about 10 to 12 minutes to allow the texture to set up. When the texture is set up you then want to take a 12inch drywall blade and gently start to graze it along textured areas to give you that knock down look. Walla, there you go, you have now completed your first knock down texture. After drying you want to take your drywall blade and run it across all the textured areas to knock off any kind of ridges. After doing so you want to lightly sand all textured areas. congratulations! You are now ready for priming and panting.