Straight Custom Caulk Lines

It’s a lot easier than you think, Making straight custom caulking lines can be fun! Before I became a professional “painting contractor”, I remember painting our house and our grandmothers house And thought I was a journeyman “painter”. Lol! As I got older though And was looking for summertime work during my high school years, I got hired as a “painters” helper one year and learned proper techniques to being a “house painter”. Now its been over 25 years and and us “painting contractors in Colorado” can blog about our experience when it comes to “painting services”. Straight caulking lines can be done with blue tape, caulking, a caulking gun and a paint brush. First you lay down your blue tape over yo    ur painted ceilings after they have dried for at least for 4hours. Then you cut a very small hole in your tube of caulk, then you get yourself a wet rag to carry around with you as you do this so that you can continually wipe the excessive caulking from the end of the tape. If it takes you a while that ok. It took me quite a few years as a “house painter” to to get this technique down,  once you’re done laying
your straight tape lines down that’s when you lightly caulk over the end of your tape and wipe it lightly with your index finger and the excessive caulking you use the wet rag to continually wipe your finger with to always keep it clean and moist so that it makes it easy to and not turn into a mess as you keep going. Remember havin a dry finger as your continually wiping the caulking can turn into a big mess and effect the quality of your caulking lines by not sealing it right and allowing the other color of paint bleed through. When it comes to being a “painting contractor in Colorado” its important to take pride in your work.