House Painting Preparations

Always make sure to keep bare wood on the exterior of your home during the winter months. As a “painting contractor” the Colorado elements during winter months can be quite harsh on unprotected wood or bare wood. Not all days are 32° and below so on a day that is 50° and above during the winter, you can use an oil based primer to seal the bare wood. The more the Bare wood is exposed to water, the faster you will Ruin the areas that are exposed. You will save yourself a lot of money instead of having a “painter” or a “painting contractor” have to come in and and repair the rotted wood. It’s a rule of thumb to a “painting contractor” on how important it is to protect and seal all Barewood when it comes to preserving your home. Hope this blog can help homeowners or “painters” the importance of protecting and sealing all bare wood when it comes to exterior painting.