Affordable interior painters Colorado

As being “affordable interior painters” you need to know that about 40 percent of all paint purchases are made as a result of an original color mistake. So if you don’t want to be part of the statistics its good to learn about the factors that affect your final paint color results. Painting contractors Colorado,… Continue reading Affordable interior painters Colorado

The importance of caulking when painting your home

Giving great advice when you’re a “painting contractor Parker Colorado” when caulking, your goal is to seal all open seems or cracks on structures or any other surface areas being painted. If you have any Bare wood you want to prime first before you do any caulking at all. It’s always important as a homeowner… Continue reading The importance of caulking when painting your home

Painting Contractors Parker Colorado

Being a “painting contractor in Parker Colorado” since 1987 has been a awesome experience. I have seen this city grow tremendously! We have painted many homes and have the great privilege of meeting many great people as “painting contractors in Parker Colorado”. Back then we used to use Kwall Howells and Sherwin Williams Paints and… Continue reading Painting Contractors Parker Colorado