House Painters

Here’s How:

Begin with colors suggested by your roof and masonry.
Consider the color schemes used inside your home. Exterior colors should harmonize with the interior.
Don’t clash with your neighbors! Choose colors that coordinate with the buildings around you.
Large surfaces make paint look lighter. Consider selecting darker shades.
Remember that very bright or very deep colors will fade.
To emphasize architectural details, outline them with an accent color that contrasts with the background.
Use darker colors to emphasize shadows and lighter colors to show projections.
Avoid extreme contrasts. Choose colors that are related.
Study color samples outside, but never in direct sunlight. Bright sun will distort the color.
Photocopy a sketch or photograph of your house. Use watercolors or colored pencils to try color combinations.
Before buying large quantities of paint, buy quarts of your selected colors and paint one area of your house. To see more click the link