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When doing custom caulking you always want to make sure and wipe the caulking off good, Good enough to where you can actually see the lip of the blue tape as you wipe the caulking. There are several types of blue tapes out on the market now and if you have freshly painted walls that have just previously dried a day or two, you want to make sure to tape it with a blue tape that is the least of the adhesive blue tapes. After you have caulked everything and wiped it really good the next thing you want to do is that the caulking set up at least an hour and then start painting over it. Once you’ve applied 1 to 2 coats over your cocking you want to paint to set up and barely finished drying before you start to pull the blue tape. If you wait for it to dry till the next day the caulking and the paint hardens up especially in areas where you’ve applied heavy amounts of paint and then it becomes difficult to pull the tape as it starts to break off and not fully Pull off. If you’re looking for a good company to get the job done right it was a call here at painting contractors in Highlands Ranch. Our estimates are always free and we give you quality you can trust at an affordable price.