House Painting Preparations

Always make sure to keep bare wood on the exterior of your home during the winter months. As a “painting contractor” the Colorado elements during winter months can be quite harsh on unprotected wood or bare wood. Not all days are 32° and below so on a day that is 50° and above during the… Continue reading House Painting Preparations

House Painters

Good exterior paint, when it’s properly applacated  over a well-prepped out surface — lasts longer than doingnit the cheap way. But trying to do things the proper way can take quite a long time. Trying to decide which paint is the best, oil-vs.-water-based  can leave  homeowners with a huge time consuming task and they haven’t… Continue reading House Painters

Interior Painting Contractor

Interior Painting Contractor There are several things you can do, all of them quite simple, that will extend the useful life of an exterior house painting job. Some of the tips you have heard before, but some may shock or surprise you. The ultimate exterior paint job, in my opinion, blends the best paint with… Continue reading Interior Painting Contractor

House Painters

House Painters Using proper painting procedures will result in professional-looking work whether you’re painting a cabinet, a vaulted ceiling fifteen feet high, or the exterior siding of your house. So why not use some good advice, and helpful “how to’s” from someone who’s been there, done that. Scroll through the different procedures to see which… Continue reading House Painters